Currently, we are working with an excellent team of more than 8 researchers and engineers at the Delft University of Technology on an integrated design for electric mobility concepts in different urban area contexts. The introduction of electric vehicles on our public roads and in our urban areas has received lots of attention the past few months, but this project takes a truly integrative approach. We do not only look at the electric vehicle and what kind of charging station we need, but we design electric vehicle concepts and charging solutions based on urban developments, changing mobility patterns and future user needs. We have also made designs for the smart grid that is necessary to support normal, fast and inductive charging of electric vehicles, and we have developed urban plans that support the use of electric vehicles and charging in the best way. Architects and electrical engineers have also developed automated parking/charging buildings that can accommodate large amounts of electric vehicles and connect them to the grid. In addition we looked at how we can make the best use of decentralized sustainable energy sources available within the specific context and link this to the charging/buffering capacity of the electric vehicles parked there. One of the urban area contexts we specifically looked at is the Schiphol Airport near Amsterdam, as part of Schiphol’s sustainable area development strategy. In the end of November the main results and designs of the project will be presented and accessible to the larger public. We expect a great response!

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