Rendering of the future Masdar City from the air

Anyone visiting Kopenhagen the next weeks should visit the great exhibition of green architecture in the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Not only is the Museum itself wonderful and located at the beautiful western sea shore, but you will get a great overview of current green architecture.

They have divided the exhibition in three sections: The City, Climate/Energy. and Metabolism. The City section deals with the continuous growth of cities and how to do this in a more sustainable way; reviving neglected urban areas, or the planning of brand new CO2- and waste-free cities. It shows the work of Foster and Partners on Masdar City and the ‘urban acupuncture’  solutions of Ecosistema.

The Climate/Energy sections is really about the relationship between human comfort and sustainable construction. It shows many examples of projects that take location/space-specific conditions and human wellbeing as starting point in the development of energy efficient buildings.

The Metabolism section is about new materials and new design parameters in sustainable architecture. Most focus is on limiting the negative impact of the materials used on the environment. Lots of cradle-to-cradle thinking here and to my dissapointment the same old examples (Nike´s recycled shoes, the Mirra chair of Herman Miller) – would have expected some new projects to be showing up.

But anyway, it is a great exhibition. Go there.

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