During my own research I wrote a comprehensive book about how radical innovations are realized by established high-tech companies. Radical innovation is important for sustained corporate growth. However, established high-tech companies experience large difficulties with realizing successful radical innovations due to internal rigidities and organizational inertia. Startups and SME’s seize technological opportunities in a more agile way, leaving established high-tech companies far behind. In this book I explore how innovators within established high-tech companies face these rigidities and realize successful radical innovations despite organizational inertia. Based on the indepth analysis of five radical technological innovation processes at two leading European high-tech companies, I develop a novel micro-institutional perspective that offers a detailed insight in the strategies of innovators to augment legitimacy and overcome vested interests, conservative mindsets and constrain ing rules within their organization. It demonstrates that also established companies offer ample opportunities for radical innovation, if the innovator in established high-tech companies innovator is able to seize them. For all people interested, you can download a copy of the book free of charge.

Book: Realizing radical innovation in established high-tech companies

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