Realizing radical innovation

During my own research I wrote a comprehensive book about how radical innovations are realized by established high-tech companies. Radical innovation is important for sustained corporate growth. However, established high-tech companies experience large difficulties with realizing successful radical innovations due to internal rigidities and organizational inertia. Startups and SME’s seize technological opportunities in a more […]


Effective IP policies to speed-up development and adoption of sustainable innovations

Here is a question that popped up in several discussions with inventors and sustainable entrepreneurs I have had : Are the current intellectual property rights policies that most companies and universities use really helping to speed up the development and adoption of new sustainable technologies, or are they instead hindering fast development and causing conflicts […]

Start the BLOG

This is the first post on my new blog: Stephan van Dijk’s Innovation Blog. I will be posting and commenting on relevant topics in the field of sustainable innovation – meaning both product- and service innovations that are sustainable with respect to the environment and profitability. In my working life I coach and advise many […]