AMS0963_withoutcolorHi there, this is my personal website with some info about me and my work.

Currently, I am the Lead Program Manager Research and Valorisation at the newly established Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS). The AMS Institute has been founded by TU Delft, MIT and WUR, together with the city of Amsterdam. The AMS Institute works on research and innovation for creating better cities, bringing together the brightest minds and resources from its founding partners MIT, TUD and WUR, and its business and city partners.

In addition, I have been senior program manager at the Delft University of Technology and responsible for creating and managing collaborative research and design projects and programs between science and industry, mainly in the fields of sustainable mobility, energy and smart cities. In the past, I was advisor on valorisation and innovation strategy in the field of cleantech for the university, both with respect to R&D, as well as technology spin-offs and startups.

In 2008 I earned my PhD from the Eindhoven University of Technology and specialized in innovation strategy development at high-tech companies. I worked with DSM and Philips Medical Systems on innovation strategy, radical innovation and decision making. In 1999 I graduated at the Wageningen University in System Sciences and Operations Research (Cum Laude).

During the last 15 years I worked on innovation and sustainability strategy challenges with a.o. Philips, DSM, Schiphol, KLM, the City of Rotterdam, the Ministry of Economic Affairs, City of Amsterdam, Shell, Alliander, Waternet, AEB, and many great startups and universities around the world.

My specialties are: innovation strategy, smart & sustainable cities, research and design, value creation from science.

You can download my PhD Thesis on Radical innovation right here: Book: Realizing radical innovation in established high-tech companies

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